Deadly Defective Vehicle Accidents

Most car accidents happen due to driver-related causes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, there can be cases when car accidents do not occur due to a drunk, speeding, or otherwise negligent driver, but rather due to a defective vehicle part or component. Deadly defective vehicle accidents account for approximately two percent of all crashes, according to figures provided by the NHTSA. These types of accidents can happen when a faulty car part or manufacturing defect causes a car accident resulting in injuries, property damage, or fatalities.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in an accident that happened as a result of a defective part or component in a vehicle, you could potentially recover compensation for your damages by suing a car manufacturer and other potentially liable parties in your claim. The experienced legal team at Tyroler Injury Law can help analyze the specifics of your car accident and provide you with your options regarding your legal rights and next steps. Call us today for a free car accident case evaluation to determine whether you could receive compensation at (651) 259-1113.

Causes of Vehicle Defects

There can be various causes for deadly defective vehicle accidents. Vehicle defects can occur in the supply chain at a vehicle parts manufacturer or during the manufacturing of the vehicle. Defects can also happen when a mechanic damages a car during repair or uses defective parts.

Unfortunately, drivers of defective vehicles may not even know that their vehicle could be dangerous. Vehicle part and component defects can be caused by:

  • Mistakes during the manufacture of the vehicle
  • Poor vehicle design
  • Using defective car parts in the manufacturing process
  • Using defective products for the repair of a vehicle
  • Damage to the vehicle during service and/or repair

If your accident happened due to a manufacturing defect, bad design, or faulty product, a car manufacturer or parts manufacturer could potentially be liable for your damages.

What Are Common Vehicle Defects?

A car is made out of countless different components, many of which could potentially contribute to an accident or injuries if they were to fail. While potentially many different defects can occur, the NHTSA names the most frequent manufacturing defects involve either tire, brake, and steering components. However, other defects can include:

  • Airbags failing to deploy in an accident
  • Faulty seat belts
  • Electrical systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Seat failures
  • Roof problems

Deadly defective vehicle accidents can be challenging to prove and litigate. However, visiting with an experienced car accident lawyer at Tyroler Injury Law can help you better understand your legal options.

Compensation Recoverable for Defective Vehicle Accidents

Defective vehicles can cost lives and potentially cause serious or life-altering injuries not only to the driver and occupants of the defective vehicle but other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. If you got hurt in an accident as a result of a defective vehicle part or component, whether your own or another driver’s car, you could potentially recover various types of compensation including:

  • Medical expenses and future medical costs
  • Loss of income and future loss of income
  • Transportation expenses
  • Repair or replacement of your vehicle
  • Modifications to your home or car
  • Household services or a home health aide
  • Out-of-pocket costs

Some victims suffer catastrophic and permanent injuries in deadly defective vehicle accidents, which could entitle them to significant non-economic damages in addition to reimbursement of their medical costs and financial losses. Non-economic damages can include but are not limited to:

  • Physical pain and anguish
  • Emotional trauma
  • Reduced life quality
  • Loss of a limb
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Disability

Defective Vehicle Wrongful Death Claim

The untimely death of a loved one can have devastating consequences for a family, not only causing heart-wrenching grief but potentially also resulting in a significant financial burden. If your loved one died as a result of a defective vehicle accident, you could potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit and recover compensation including:

  • Wages, Income, and benefits from the deceased
  • Loss of companionship
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Pain and suffering of the decedent before death
  • Loss of guidance for children

How to Prove a Defective Vehicle Claim

Proving a defective vehicle claim can be legally complicated and involve a number of challenging steps. However, an experienced product liability attorney that understands defective vehicle accidents can help investigate a claim and prove a defective vehicle claim by:

  • Fully analyzing a vehicle’s defects and causes for a crash
  • Conducting an independent investigation
  • Visiting with witnesses to the accident
  • Hiring expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction and product manufacturing experts
  • Proving that a victim’s injuries were caused by the defective vehicle through evidence and expert witness testimony

After proving a claim, a defective vehicle accident attorney can also negotiate with a vehicle manufacturer or parts manufacturer and their insurance companies in order to attempt to recover a full and fair settlement for the accident victim.

Negligent Driver Responsibility

When it comes to recovering compensation for defective vehicle accidents, all at-fault parties should be identified. Car accidents do not always happen for one reason but can and often do occur due to a combination of factors. Contributing factors in defective vehicle accidents can include negligence of other drivers, bad weather conditions, road defects, and many other reasons.

An experienced defective vehicle attorney can help identify all liable parties in your claim, a sometimes tricky and time-consuming task. You could potentially hold companies, private persons, car manufacturers, and even local government agencies to account for your accident and injuries.

Accidents can be caused by negligent drivers due to:

  • Driving drunk or operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs
  • Driving while texting or distracted
  • Disregarding traffic laws
  • Speeding
  • Driving while fatigued

Car accidents can be complex, and accident victims who suffer from significant injuries may not have the time, energy, and legal knowledge required to research their claim comprehensively. Consider visiting with a car accident attorney to help you protect your legal rights and ensure that your questions are answered.

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Accident victims who suffered injuries due to a defective vehicle part or component can experience lifelong devastating consequences. Injuries in car accidents resulting from defective vehicles can include internal organ injuries, head and brain injuries, broken or fractured bones, or spinal cord damage. Along with astronomical medical costs, these injuries can severely impact a person’s life. However, when accidents and injuries occur as a result of defective or faulty car parts, victims may have legal recourse and could be entitled to fair compensation for their injuries, expenses, losses, and suffering. Tyroler Injury Law is committed to helping victims of defective vehicles ensure their legal rights remain protected. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation now at (651) 259-1113.

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