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When you suffer an injury after another driver makes an error and hits you, it’s a frustrating situation. When that driver then leaves the scene, it becomes extremely dangerous, too. Not only is the hit-and-run driver putting your health in danger by not following the law and making sure you receive medical attention, but these actions also might leave you with an extremely complicated attempt at later receiving an award based on your injury claim.

Even if law enforcement never tracks down the driver who fled the scene of the injury accident, you still may have the ability to seek a financial claim for your pain, suffering, medical costs, and lost wages. Trust the Oakdale hit-and-run lawyers at Tyroler Leonard Injury Law to work through the complexities as we fight for your maximum award. We use our multiple decades of collective experience representing injured people to help you receive the award you deserve to have.

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How Our Oakdale Hit-and-Run Attorneys Can Help with Your Claim

When you need someone to help with your injury claim after an accident, it’s important to seek a law firm with experience helping injured people. You don’t want to hire a tax lawyer to try to unravel a case as complex as a hit-and-run crash in which you suffered injuries.

You can trust our team of hit-and-run crash lawyers in Oakdale to give you the highest level of representation. We understand the innerworkings of insurance companies, which gives us a better chance of representing you successfully versus attorneys who have areas of expertise other than those of Oakdale personal injury lawyers.

Meet Our Team of Hit-and-Run Injury Lawyers

Attorney Isaac Tyroler believes strongly in giving victims of the negligence of others the highest level of representation as they work through financial claims related to their injuries. He knows that you are counting on our team to deliver the financial award results that you need to have in the midst of trying to recover from your injuries.

Attorney Rachel Sperling Leonard focuses on helping victims of car accidents, including those who suffered injuries in a hit-and-run accident. She has a passion for helping people stand up to unfair insurance companies. During her years in law school, she worked in insurance defense, which gives her insight into the way those companies work and which helps us craft our strategies.

Trust Our Hit-and-Run Injury Accident Lawyers in Oakdale to Seek Your Maximum Award Amount

At Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, we will seek the best possible award for you in multiple categories, including:

  • Medical costs: We work to ensure you receive coverage for all of your medical costs related to the injuries you suffered, as well as any costs you may have for health care in the future from lingering aspects of your injuries.
  • Lost wages: If you had to miss work while you received treatment for your injuries, you can seek an award that covers your lost wages and lost employee benefits. If you cannot work in the same capacity in the future because of ongoing issues related to your injuries, we can seek payment for these estimated lost wages and benefits, too.
  • Pain and suffering: For any ongoing pain you have related to your injuries, as well as for any emotional trauma you have because of the crash, you can receive a payment as part of the award we are seeking.
  • Disfiguring or disabling injuries: If you will have permanent loss of function or a disfiguring injury because of the accident, we can seek an award for this hardship, too.

One of the most important benefits we give to our clients is the ability to make an accurate estimate of what kind of award we should seek for pain and suffering benefits. Our experience with cases like this helps us make an accurate estimate, which is something that you probably would struggle to do if you are dealing with the insurance company on your own.

Our Oakdale Hit-and-Fun Injury Accident Lawyers Help You Understand the Complexities of Your Case

Minnesota statute 169.09 requires drivers to stop and wait for first responders to arrive in any accident with an injury. Failure to do so could lead to criminal charges for the driver who chose to flee the scene of the crash.

However, any criminal charges that are pending related to the crash do not matter to our efforts to seek an award on your behalf. Our personal injury lawsuit focuses on seeking an award that compensates you for your injuries, rather than on any criminal punishment for the other driver.

If law enforcement cannot find the other driver who fled the scene, we can start the process of seeking a claim by filing for payment under your policy’s uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage. It may seem odd to file a claim against your own insurance policy, but that’s the purpose of UM/UIM coverage. Unfortunately, your insurance company may treat you unfairly if you are seeking a UM/UIM claim, which is why our Oakdale hit-and-run accident lawyers are ready to defend your rights.

FAQ: Rely on Our Hit-and-Run Attorneys in Oakdale to Answer All Your Questions

Because injury accidents where the other driver leaves the scene of the crash are complex on multiple levels, we know that our clients have a lot of questions for us. We take pride in our willingness to answer all of your questions, as we never want you to feel unsure about how the case is going. Here are some of our answers to the most common questions we receive from clients.

What If I’m Not Sure If I Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Minnesota statute 65B.49 requires that all motor vehicle owners carry minimum levels of coverage for UIM and UM. Your policy even may have more coverage than the minimum. As long as you have a valid insurance policy, our team can help you figure out what kinds of coverage you have that we can use for seeking the award you deserve.

What Happens If Police Find the Hit-and-Run Driver Later?

Should police find the driver who hit you and fled the scene after we begin the process of seeking a claim against your UM/UIM policy, we can pivot our efforts to focus on the other driver’s insurance policy. If that driver has too little insurance to cover your financial losses, we can seek an award from both the other driver’s policy and your UM/UIM policy.

What If I Am Unsure About Fighting for A Claim Against My Own Insurance Company?

You certainly can simply accept any award that your insurance company offers you under UM/UIM if you want. Understand that your insurer is not likely to offer you the amount you truly deserve. All insurance companies increase their profit margins by reducing the amounts they offer to victims. If you’re uncertain, reach out to our attorneys in Oakdale for hit-and-run injury accidents, and we can explain the process and help you decide what to do.

What If My Insurance Company Tries to Say I Was At Fault For The Hit-and-Run Accident?

Even though you have UM/UIM coverage that should kick in after you suffer injuries in a crash where the other driver leaves the scene, your insurance company may try to avoid paying you a pain and suffering award by blaming you for the crash. When we are representing you, our Oakdale hit-and-run injury accident lawyers can investigate the case and find facts that show why the insurance company is wrong to accuse you.

At Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, we understand the uncertainty and worry that accompanies suffering injuries in a car accident. When you’re the victim of a hit-and-run crash on top of it, the concern over the uncertainty increases significantly. Our Oakdale car accident lawyers work hard to try to reduce the worry you are feeling through our approach to representing you. Our past clients have regularly left us five-star reviews because of our commitment to delivering outstanding results, and we promise to work just as hard for you as we did for them.

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It’s easy to feel like your hopes of receiving an injury claim are almost nonexistent when another driver rams into you and then flees the scene. Although not having a specific party against which to file the injury lawsuit can make your case more challenging, we still likely have the ability to seek the award you deserve to have. Trust our Oakdale hit-and-run lawyers to deliver the results you want to see through tireless effort and unwavering professionalism.

When you are ready to learn what we can do for you, reach out to Tyroler Leonard Injury Law for a free consultation. You are under no obligation to hire us after this case review.

Attorney Isaac Tyroler

Attorney Isaac Tyroler has been a strong advocate for injured people his entire legal career. He has a passion for righting wrongs, and he deeply cares about representing injured clients who may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about how to navigate the legal system. He is compassionate toward clients and aggressive with insurance companies and defendants. He is on the elected Board of Governors of the Minnesota Association of Justice (MAJ), the top personal injury lawyers’ group in Minnesota. And is currently the chair of MAJ’s legislative committee. [ Attorney Bio ]