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A Minneapolis train accident can leave you with an injury. Even though the accident occurred through no fault of your own, you are responsible for the medical bills associated with your injury. However, you can hire a Minneapolis train accident lawyer to help you seek damages from any at-fault parties.

Tyroler Leonard Injury Law is a Minneapolis injury law firm with many years of experience in personal injury cases. Reach out to our law firm today. We can connect you with a Minneapolis train accident attorney who is happy to help pursue damages as part of a personal injury lawsuit.

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We have helped our clients secure millions of dollars in damages to date. Our train accident attorneys go the extra mile for our clientele to ensure their legal needs are met. If you want a train accident lawyer at your side who does everything possible to help you win or settle your case—we are here for you.

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Our Minneapolis train accident lawyers make no assumptions regarding your case. We take as much time as needed to understand your case so we can build a compelling argument. Then, our train accident attorney can represent you throughout your litigation and help you achieve optimal case results.

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Why Train Accidents Occur in Minneapolis

You can suffer a personal injury in Minneapolis any time you are riding the train. There are many reasons why train accidents happen in Minneapolis. These include:


A train conductor can travel faster than expected or make other poor decisions. In any of these instances, the conductor is being negligent. The conductor’s negligence can result in an accident, along with injuries to staff and passengers.

There can be times when a train company is negligent as well. For example, the company may fail to maintain a crossing arm, which causes it to malfunction. If a train strikes this arm, it can cause an accident that results in injuries.

Train accident lawyers in Minneapolis do everything in their power to prove negligence in court. They will look at evidence from the accident scene and witness statements to determine who is responsible for the incident. Next, the attorneys ensure their clients can show a judge or jury that any at-fault parties were negligent.

Human Error

It is a train company’s responsibility to train its conductors. Yet, an inexperienced conductor may be prone to mistakes. If a conductor makes a mistake, the issue can lead to an accident and injuries.

In addition to providing adequate training, a train company must make sure its conductors are physically capable of operating a train. For instance, if a conductor has poor vision, this issue may impair their ability to operate a train safely. Conversely, if the conductor is still allowed to operate a train, they can put passengers and others in danger.

Train accident attorneys in Minneapolis understand that no one is perfect, and a train conductor can make a mistake. On the other hand, these attorneys recognize there is no excuse for putting passengers’ lives at risk. If a conductor’s mistake leads to a train accident and injuries, you and anyone else involved in the incident may pursue compensatory damages.

Mechanical Failure

A train company must pay attention to its trains and make sure they function properly. Any mechanical failure can impact the safety of passengers. If a train malfunctions while it is in operation, an accident can occur.

Mechanical failure can occur due to defective parts as well. It is rare for a train parts manufacturer to supply a faulty part. Regardless, a defective part can inadvertently be sold and used on a train, not work correctly, and lead to an accident.

Minneapolis train accident attorneys will make sure anyone responsible for a mechanical failure that leads to an accident is held financially responsible. The attorneys can identify any at-fault parties in a train accident. They then work with their clients to help these individuals pursue the most damages possible.

When to File a Train Accident Lawsuit in Minneapolis

If you are involved in a train accident in Minneapolis that results in an injury, consult with a doctor right away. This gives you the opportunity to meet with a doctor who can diagnose and treat your injury. The doctor can tell you about any treatment costs and your projected injury recovery timeline.

From here, get in touch with train accident lawyers. You can connect with attorneys who specialize in train accident lawsuits. This gives you an opportunity to share details about your train accident and injury with an attorney that can help you determine the best course of action.

You have up to two years from the date you suffer a train accident injury in Minneapolis to file your lawsuit, per Minnesota’s statute of limitations. If you wait too long to seek damages, you lose the right to do so.

Fortunately, our train accident attorneys can review your case and help you file your lawsuit. Call Tyroler Leonard today at 651-259-1113 to discuss your case.

How to Determine What to Request in Damages in a Minneapolis Train Accident Lawsuit

Minneapolis train accident lawyers encourage their clients to ask for economic and non-economic damages in personal injury lawsuits. Economic damages are awarded for lost wages, medical bills, and other quantifiable losses. Comparatively, non-economic damages are provided for pain, suffering, and other subjective losses.

To calculate damages, the best train accident attorneys consider their clients’ short- and long-term expenses. These attorneys may review their clients’ medical bills and consider the costs of physical therapy and other long-term treatments. They will also look at how a train accident and injury has affected their client’s ability to enjoy life to the fullest extent.

Once you decide on a damages amount, you can file your personal injury lawsuit. There is no guarantee you will secure the full amount of damages you request. In some instances, you may be able to resolve your lawsuit without a trial.

How a Minneapolis Train Accident Lawsuit Can Get Resolved Outside of Court

After you file a train accident lawsuit in Minneapolis, negotiations get underway between all parties involved in your case. The defendant in your lawsuit may present a settlement offer to you at any point leading up to your trial date. You do not have to accept this proposal, but it is in your best interests to review it and decide if it meets your expectations.

By approving a settlement offer, you may receive a fraction of the damages you initially requested. Accepting the settlement allows you to get money without having to go to trial. To receive this money, you have to give up your right to seek further damages.

Train accident lawyers keep their clients up to date on any settlement proposals. They do not push their clients to accept settlements. Rather, they encourage their clients to weigh the pros and cons of a settlement so they can make an informed decision about it.

How to Decide on a Settlement Offer in a Minneapolis Train Accident Case

It can be tempting to accept a settlement offer in a Minneapolis train accident case. As soon as you approve the offer, you can receive compensation and close your case. If you rush to make your decision, you risk making a poor choice that affects you now and in the future.

When you are presented with a settlement offer, it helps to consider what can happen if you accept, reject, or counter it. Minneapolis train accident lawyers can discuss a settlement proposal and outline the ramifications that come with any decisions their clients make on it. This can help an individual understand all of the options they have regarding a settlement proposal.

If a settlement offer comes short of what you want, you should not hesitate to reject it. There is no penalty for declining a settlement proposal. In this instance, you can let the defendant know that you are rejecting their offer and continue with your litigation.

How Minneapolis Train Accident Lawyers Prepare Their Clients for Trial

Months can pass before a Minneapolis train accident trial takes place. Leading up to a trial date, Minneapolis train accident attorneys help their clients prepare. To do so, they teach their clients about the trial process and make sure these individuals know what to expect when their trial begins.

Before a trial, a plaintiff can gather evidence to support their request for damages. Evidence can include medical records and other documents that highlight the severity of a plaintiff’s injury. It can also consist of witness statements and other information that illustrates what happened during the accident.

Train accident lawyers review evidence with their clients and help them figure out the best way to present it. They make sure their clients feel confident when they enter the courtroom, too. If you have any questions prior to your trial date, train accident attorneys can answer them.

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How Our Minneapolis Train Accident Attorneys Support Our Clients

Train accident lawsuits can be complicated. Fortunately, train accident lawyers can address any legal challenges that come up over the course of their clients’ litigation. They remain proactive and look for ways to resolve legal challenges before they escalate.

As a train accident lawsuit moves forward, attorneys keep in contact with their clients. They constantly search for ways to strengthen their clients’ arguments. When a plaintiff appears for trial, they are well equipped to compel a judge or jury to rule in their favor.

Our train accident attorneys help their clients establish realistic expectations as well. There is no telling how a train accident lawsuit will get resolved. No matter what happens, train accident lawyers are committed to helping their clients get the best-case results.

Tyroler Leonard Injury Law offers legal help to those who want to file train accident lawsuits in Minneapolis. To learn more, please contact us online or call us at 651-259-1113.

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