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A brain injury is one of the most devastating injuries one can suffer. A bump, blow, jolt, or penetrating head injury can disrupt normal brain function. Any disruption of this kind can severely impact your life.

When a brain injury results from negligence, the liable party is generally responsible for the victim’s damages. Pursuing a civil claim or lawsuit is an important yet complicated process.

If you suffered a severe brain injury due to the negligent actions of another person, seek help from a Minneapolis brain injury lawyer. Under Minnesota law, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The careless actions of another person can result in a traumatic brain injury. One of the most common causes of severe brain injuries is motor vehicle accidents.

Driver negligence behind the wheel occurs in the following ways:

  • Distracted driving: eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, mind off driving
  • Drowsy driving: lack of rest, undiagnosed sleep disorder
  • Drunk or drugged driving: impairs vision and reaction times
  • Aggressive driving and road rage: involves acts such as speeding and tailgating.

The impact of a motor vehicle against another car, a motorcycle, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian can result in a brain injury. Minnesota law allows victims of negligence to pursue personal injury lawsuits, regardless of whether the responsible driver faces criminal charges.

Motor vehicle accidents are just one cause of severe brain injuries. Negligence can occur in other settings, such as:

  • Falls: slip and fall accidents due to poor property conditions
  • Sports: contact sports, such as football
  • Assaults: beatings, stabbings, or shootings involving the head.

A severe brain injury caused by negligence is frightening for victims and their families. Most victims feel overwhelmed and confused by their injury and prognosis. For those caring for a loved one with a brain injury, stress can affect their own quality of life.

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury due to negligence, a Minneapolis brain injury lawyer may be able to help you. Pursuing compensation and justice for your damages is a lighter journey with a lawyer by your side.

Brain Injuries and Premises Liability

Falls are one of the most common causes of brain injuries. A slip-and-fall accident can strike one’s head against an unforgiving surface, resulting in devasting injuries.

Slip and fall accidents involving negligence are sometimes a form of premises liability. Property owners who invite others onto their property owe invitees a duty of care.

The following conditions are examples of how a slip and fall accident can occur in seconds:

  • Torn carpet
  • Wet floors
  • Cords across floors
  • Stairs with no handrail
  • Parking lots with insufficient lighting.

While not a complete list, these examples are generally fixable conditions. A Minneapolis slip-and-fall lawyer can fight for compensation on your behalf by proving the following:

  • Foreseeable conditions: The problem existed for so long that the property owner should have known about it or knew about it and did nothing.
  • Reasonable actions: The property owner should have removed or corrected a dangerous condition that harmed invitees.

The property owner owed you a duty of care, breached that duty, and you suffered damages as a result. Fight for your damages if you or a loved one suffered a brain injury due to a negligent property owner. Get help today from a Minneapolis brain injury attorney.

Construction Site Falls and Brain Injuries

Minnesota law protects your right to pursue a civil case when a lack of safety results in a traumatic brain injury.

Construction sites are busy places, with moving equipment and workers. Therefore, safety is paramount for everyone on the job site.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fall protection is one of the construction industry’s most commonly cited work violations. The agency lists falls among the top four causes of construction fatalities, along with the following:

  • Struck by equipment or materials
  • Stuck in-between equipment or equipment and structure
  • Electrocution.

These dangers can also result in a traumatic brain injury. Construction site accidents generally involve workers’ compensation issues, civil claims, or lawsuits. The complex matter of a construction case involving negligence is best left to an attorney.

If your day at work turned tragic due to construction site negligence, schedule a free case consultation today. A brain injury attorney can determine if you have a case and, if so, how to proceed.

Brain Injuries Are Life-Changing

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke refers to the brain as the “crown jewel” of the human body. As the most complex part of the body, the brain controls crucial functions such as cognitive and motor skills.

A brain injury can profoundly change your life or that of your loved one. Unfortunately, the road to recovery is often long, with some brain injuries resulting in permanent harm.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shares the following national statistics of five-year outcomes of patients with traumatic brain injury:

  • 22 percent died
  • 30 percent became worse
  • 22 percent remained the same
  • 26 percent improved.

For most patients, there is no return to regular routines, relationships, careers, or life in general. Instead, the effects of their TBI require adjusting to life changes and, in some cases, relearning basic life skills.

The financial costs of a brain injury can exceed your ability to pay. Long-term rehabilitation, therapies, or a skilled living facility are costs often related to victim damages.

The financial impact escalates with missed time from work and the almost instant arrival of medical bills. In addition to the financial burden, emotional and psychological outcomes of a brain injury create harsh — and unfair — distress for victims and their families.

A brain injury lawyer can determine if you have a case. However, proceeding with a personal injury claim or a lawsuit is complicated. Therefore, contacting an attorney as soon as possible following your brain injury accident is vital for your lawyer and your case.

A brain injury often results in chronic health problems. However, if you suffered a brain injury due to negligence, a Minneapolis brain injury attorney can fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Why Choose Us?

We Aggressively Protect Your Best Interests

Isaac Tyroler and Rachel Sperling Leonard are passionate about helping victims of negligence. Their strong background in civil law brings years of skills and experience to each case. Client satisfaction is evident in the testimonials of personal injury victims, who are former clients they represented.

The following list of their professional accomplishments contains a few examples of his awards and achievements:

  • More than a decade of civil law experience
  • Super Lawyers Rising Star Award recipient multiple times
  • Legal seminar presenter to industry peers
  • Admission to the Minnesota and Wisconsin Bar Associations, as well as the U.S. District Court Bar Association.

Isaac and Rachel help others in and out of the office. They proudly support and engage in community activities and causes that strive to improve life for others.

Brain injury victims harmed by negligence do not have to fight for compensation alone. Isaac and Rachel are a calming force on your side during this most stressful time.

A traumatic brain injury is a catastrophic event in your life or for your loved one. Whom you have by your side during this stressful time matters. Choosing Isaac Tyroler and Rachel Sperling Leonard means choosing brain injury lawyers who will fight for the best possible outcome of your civil case.

How We Can Help

A traumatic brain injury lawyer has the knowledge, skills, and experience to pursue compensation. Isaac Tyroler and his team know Minnesota civil law. They bring insurer negotiation skills to the table that are tough to beat. And they have the litigation experience necessary should your case go to trial.

Evidence is crucial for proving negligence. When you hire Isaac Tyroler and Rachel Sperling Leonard, you hire a firm that can manage the following details of your claim or lawsuit:

  • Gather and review evidence
  • Investigate and interview witnesses
  • Manage aggressive insurers
  • Firmly negotiate for a fair settlement
  • Promptly file your civil lawsuit.

The seriousness of your accident demands a professional, licensed attorney. Moving forward without one can jeopardize your chance of receiving any compensation.

We will listen to you, work with you, and communicate with you from day one of your case. We stand by your side, from a free case evaluation to the outcome.

Brain Injury FAQs

You may have more questions than answers if you or a loved one suffered a brain injury. A brain injury attorney answers the most frequently asked questions:

Do brain injuries always exhibit immediate signs or symptoms?

No. Delayed signs or symptoms make seeking immediate medical attention following a tragic accident imperative. It may prevent your condition from worsening, and medical reports are vital to your civil case.

Why is an insurance adjuster pressuring me to accept a settlement?

Insurance companies typically pressure accident victims to settle before they can contact an attorney. Never accept a settlement without an attorney by your side.

Is a brain injury claim the same as a lawsuit?

A claim is different from a lawsuit. Most civil cases begin with a claim. However, if negotiations for a fair settlement fails, the case may move to trial, requiring a court-filed lawsuit.

What is the statute of limitations for a brain injury lawsuit?

The statute of limitations for a Minnesota brain injury lawsuit is six years. The time for filing begins at the moment of injury, making swift legal action by victims imperative.

Will my case go to trial?

Most cases settle out-of-court. However, if your case goes to trial, your attorney will keep you informed and prepare you for court.

Are brain injuries ever fatal?

Yes. A brain injury can result in a fatality. If someone you loved died due to a brain injury caused by negligence, you may qualify for a wrongful death case.

While your attorney will manage the specifics of your case, they also understand your need for answers. Consistent communication about your case is a standard you can expect from Isaac Tyroler.

A free case consultation sets a solid foundation for your legal case. In addition, it can help you learn more about the legal process and what to expect should your case move forward.

The Long-Term Effect of Moderate to Severe Brain Injuries

Life For Brain Injury Victims Is Emotionally and Financially Challenging

Negligent acts can happen in a second, with no or little impact on those responsible. However, the effect is often forever and devastating for those they harm.

According to data from the CDC, the following long-term effects are common for those still living five years post-injury:

  • 57 percent are disabled
  • 55 percent are unemployed but were employed at the time of injury
  • 50 percent return to the hospital a minimum of once
  • 33 percent rely on others for help with daily activities
  • 29 percent are unsatisfied with life
  • 29 percent abuse alcohol or use illicit drugs
  • 12 percent reside in nursing homes or similar facilities.

Accident victims who suffer a moderate to severe brain injury must adjust to a new reality, one that is unfair and that was likely preventable.

You deserve justice if a negligent person is responsible for your brain injury. Pursuing compensation is vital for your medical costs, lost wages, and mental anguish.

You do not have to fight alone. Place your case in the hands of Isaac Tyroler. Top your to-do list by scheduling a free case consultation as soon as possible.

Minneapolis Wrongful Death Attorney

Where to Turn When a Brain Injury Death Occurs

The unexpected loss of your loved one to a brain injury is heartbreaking. However, if your loss is due to negligence, you may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death case.

Wrongful death law is challenging and best left to an experienced attorney. However, your grief is no time to make important case decisions alone.

Giving in to the pressure of an aggressive insurance adjuster may get them to leave you alone — however, it can also leave you without the compensation you deserve.

The loss of life due to negligence is something money cannot replace. Your permanent loss can result in significant financial, emotional, and psychological harm.

Depending upon the specifics of your wrongful death case, your damages may include the following:

  • Final medical expenses for your loved one’s care
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost wages from your loved one’s job
  • Loss of companionship and consortium.

These are just a few examples of the types of damages possible in a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. Damages typically include both economic and non-economic. A Minneapolis wrongful death attorney can best convey the gravity of your loss to an insurance company or jury.

Sudden death or death following a brain injury is possible due to various factors, such as bleeding or torn tissues. If you lost a close loved one due to someone else’s negligent actions, get help from a Minneapolis wrongful death attorney today.

Children and Brain Injuries

While resilient, children who suffer a brain injury face many challenges. A brain injury can affect children in the following ways:

  • Mobility skills: includes balance and coordination
  • Cognitive skills: speech, critical thinking, and learning skills
  • Senses: changes in hearing, sight, ability to taste, touch, or smell
  • Behavior changes: outbursts, anger, or bouts of depression.

Witnessing these changes in your child is difficult and something no parent should see. Yet, another person’s inexcusable and reckless acts profoundly affected your child’s life, which demands justice.

Two particular age groups of children are at higher risk of suffering a brain injury:

  • 0-4 years-old
  • 15-19 years-old.

Seeing your child in pain or struggling to relearn basic skills is extremely difficult. Knowing their injury was likely preventable had the liable party used care is maddening.

If your child suffered a brain injury due to a negligent driver, a preventable fall, a sports injury, or another negligent reason, contact Isaac Tyroler for help.

Say No to Insurance Company Pressure

A brain injury accident brings your life to a stop. Daily routines become a thing of the past as you undergo extensive medical care. The chaos that follows a tragic accident leaves you no time or patience for insurance company pressure.

As for-profit businesses, insurance company representatives seek to protect the bottom line. Unfortunately, this typically means that any settlement amount offered is the least possible for accident victims.

In addition to underpaying claims, some insurance companies deny claims, and most fight them. One of the most upsetting but possible occurrences is an insurance company blaming you or your loved one for the accident.

Protecting your best interests is vital for securing the best possible outcome for your case. To do so, contact Isaac Tyroler as soon as possible. Isaac can remove the unnecessary and unfair pressure of insurance companies from your shoulders and fight for what you deserve.

You CAN Afford to Hire Tyroler Leonard Injury Law

Worrying about whether you can afford to hire an attorney can prevent you from contacting one. The good news is that when you hire Isaac Tyroler and Rachel Sperling Leonard, you only owe legal fees if they win your case. If, for some reason, they do not win, you do not owe legal fees.

Isaac and Rachel work on a contingency-fee-basis. This means no deposit or retainer is necessary to start your legal process. Therefore, there is no stress over upfront legal fees when you hire Isaac and Rachel.

Each Minneapolis brain injury case is different. The outcome of your case depends upon several factors. No matter the outcome, the journey is more bearable with Tyroler Leonard Injury Law by your side.

Do not let the fear of legal fees stop you from contacting Isaac and Rachel today. A free case consultation and a contingency fee payment approach leave you with nothing to lose.

Insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying you what you deserve. So, to protect your best interests, hire a Minneapolis brain injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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Negligence and Your Fight for Compensation

Brain Injuries Caused by Negligence are a Serious Matter

The brain is a complex organ that we take for granted. Yet, a brain injury demonstrates this small but mighty organ’s tremendous power over our everyday lives.

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury and are experiencing mounting bills, lost income, and outrage, we may be able to help you.

Minnesota civil law protects your right to pursue compensation for damages caused by negligence. A Minneapolis civil attorney understands how to investigate, build, and present your brain injury case.

However, your lawyer must start as soon as possible to build the best case possible. While the statute of limitations may seem like a long time, it is not. The two-year period for personal injury and the three years for wrongful death can fly by as you adjust to your life changes.

Do not miss your opportunity to fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Prepare now to enlist the help of Isaac Tyroler and Rachel Sperling Leonard for your Minneapolis brain injury case.

Proving negligence requires skills, experience, and a dedicated focus. Isaac brings that and more to each case he represents. So, focus on your recovery or helping your loved one and leave the legal details to him.

Isaac Tyroler and Rachel Sperling Leonard: Minneapolis Brain Injury Attorney

Brain injury victims find no better advocates than Isaac Tyroler and Rachel Sperling Leonard. Their tireless work on behalf of clients is second to none. Compassionate and caring, they aggressively take on insurance companies and their unfair tactics.

From insurance negotiations to a possible trial, Isaac and Rachel fight for you. Their dedication and determination on behalf of his clients are comforting. Now is not the time to learn Minnesota law or to add additional stress to your shoulders.

Negligence is never acceptable, especially when it negatively impacts the lives of others. The brain injury you or a loved one suffered is beyond unfair. It is life-altering and worthy of justice.

To learn if you have a case, schedule a free consultation today — call 651-259-1113 to start your journey toward possible justice.

Attorney Isaac Tyroler

Attorney Isaac Tyroler has been a strong advocate for injured people his entire legal career. He has a passion for righting wrongs, and he deeply cares about representing injured clients who may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about how to navigate the legal system. He is compassionate toward clients and aggressive with insurance companies and defendants. He is on the elected Board of Governors of the Minnesota Association of Justice (MAJ), the top personal injury lawyers’ group in Minnesota. And is currently the chair of MAJ’s legislative committee. [ Attorney Bio ]