St. Paul Taxi Accident Lawyer

St. Paul Taxi Accident Lawyer

Our Taxi Accident Attorneys Work Hard to Protect Victims’ Rights

Accidents involving a vehicle used as part of a business, such as a taxicab, can become complicated for you as the driver who was hit. If the taxi driver caused the accident and left you with injuries, the complexities will expand quickly. Is the taxicab company or the driver liable for your injuries? Who will pay your medical bills? What if the driver did not have the proper licenses to operate legally? Our St. Paul taxi accident lawyers can help to untangle the complexities in your case.

At Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, we understand all the rules and regulations that taxi drivers and taxicab companies must follow in St. Paul. Some of this information may seem inconsequential to you after an accident, but if we can discover that the driver committed a violation of local or state laws through our investigation, we have a better chance of winning a settlement in your case.

Our team of St. Paul taxi accident attorneys fights hard for our clients, whether it’s a straightforward case of negligent behavior on the part of the other driver, or whether we need to dig deeply into the facts to try to help you win.

Trust our St. Paul taxi accident lawyers to always be honest with you about your case from the first time we meet with you until we conclude the case.

How Tyroler Leonard Injury Law Can Help Your Taxicab Accident Case

Our St. Paul Taxi Accident Attorneys Do Not Back Down From Unfair Insurers

Although victims in car accidents always have the right to represent themselves against the insurance company, this can be a challenge for most people, especially if they are dealing with this type of crash for the first time. Our St. Paul personal injury lawyers have many years of experience helping injured people work toward winning the settlements they deserve.

This experience allows us to anticipate and counteract the strategies of the insurance company representing the taxi driver or taxicab company, giving us the best chance at delivering the results you want to see. When insurance companies try to delay settling the case by throwing red tape in your way, we know how to work around these roadblocks.

Our St. Paul taxi accident lawyers demand that the insurer continue working toward a resolution in your case. When insurers try to stall the case – hoping you’ll panic and settle for a lesser amount – we defend your rights.

Our Taxi Accident Lawyers

Attorney Isaac Tyroler knows the importance of the work we do, as victims of car accidents caused by someone else rely heavily on the awards we help them win. He knows the importance of never cutting corners in a case because any piece of information we uncover could be the key to winning a larger settlement.

He has been representing injured victims for more than a decade. His awards and accolades include:

  • Rising Star Award from Super Lawyers
  • AV Preeminent Rating from Martindale-Hubbell
  • Admitted to the bar in Minnesota
  • Admitted to the bar in Wisconsin
  • Elected to the Board of Governors for the Minnesota Association of Justice.

Attorney Rachel Sperling Leonard has a specific focus on personal injury cases, and knows how to defend your rights to fair payment from insurance companies. She appreciates the opportunity to take on the insurer on behalf of her clients, knowing that the insurance company’s primary goal is to increase its profits by paying you less in a settlement. She works tirelessly to make sure you receive the award you deserve to have, not the reduced award the insurer prefers to give you.

Her awards and accolades include:

  • Rising Star Award from Super Lawyers
  • Admitted to the bar in Minnesota
  • Admitted to the bar in Wisconsin
  • Fluent in both English and Spanish
  • Volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

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Why Clients Trust Our St. Paul Taxi Accident Lawyers

At Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, We Have a History of Winning Large Awards for Clients

Our team has won several car accident settlement cases for our clients with a judgment of $500,000 or more. We understand the intricacies of cases involving car accidents, taxi accidents, truck accidents, and more, ensuring that our clients receive the highest possible level of service and legal help.

We’re proud of our past client testimonials, which show our team’s dedication to injured victims. In addition, we treat our personal injury clients with compassion and respect after things like taxi accidents in St. Paul.

Other law firms that do not focus on the client’s well-being may try to settle your case as fast as possible (even at a lesser amount than you deserve), collect their fees, and push you out the door so they can take on a new case. Instead, we give your case our full focus.

Our St. Paul taxi accident lawyers know you want to settle your case fast, and we do. But we will not rush through the case just to finish it like some law firms. Instead, we balance seeking a quick resolution with always attempting to maximize the amount you will win.

Our St. Paul Taxi Accident Lawyers Will Thoroughly Study the Facts in Your Case

We Take Pride in Helping Clients in Highly Complex Taxicab Accident Cases

Determining fault is one of the most challenging aspects of injury accidents involving a taxi in the Twin Cities. To win a settlement for you, we must show that the taxi driver or the company that owns the taxicab behaved negligently, leading to the crash. Unfortunately, the potentially responsible parties often begin pointing fingers at each other, leading to delays.

When you hire our law firm, we will investigate who is responsible for your medical bills and a pain and suffering award. For example, suppose the cab driver did not complete a required St. Paul taxicab training course. In that case, this is a sign of negligence that can help us seek damages on your behalf.

Additionally, St. Paul statute Chapter 376 requires taxicab operators and drivers to hold a license from the city. If an unlicensed taxicab driver hits you while you are driving or injures you in a crash while you are riding in the taxi, this is a sign of negligence that our team can use when filing a claim.

As another possibility, if the taxicab company knows the driver doesn’t have the proper training yet allows the driver to operate the taxi, the company could be liable for your injuries. We could potentially seek damages from both the driver and the taxicab company on your behalf.

FAQs About Taxi Accidents in St. Paul

Common Questions Clients Have for Our St. Paul Taxi Accident Lawyers

When clients come to us after they’re involved in an accident, they often have a number of questions for us. Because you probably are going through this situation for the first time, questions are understandable.

Our St. Paul taxi accident lawyers take the time to answer our clients’ questions. To give you an idea of how we handle certain situations, here are some common questions clients have for our taxi accident attorneys.

How do I know I can afford your St. Paul taxi accident attorneys?

We do not require clients to pay any fees ahead of time or during the duration of the case. Our St. Paul taxi accident attorneys receive fees only if we win an award for you, so you are risking nothing.

How soon do I have to call attorneys after a taxi accident in St. Paul?

Our taxi accident lawyers can take on your case anytime after the taxi accident in St. Paul. We can begin representing you on the same day as the crash or join the case after several weeks or months. As long as you haven’t agreed to a settlement with the insurer, we likely can begin representing you.  However, there are deadlines in legal actions, so it is important not to delay too long.

How much money can your St. Paul taxi accident lawyers win for me?

It would be unethical for our St. Paul taxi accident lawyers to promise anything regarding a monetary award. However, what we can promise is that we will use our experience to seek the highest possible settlement for you. Our past clients know how hard we worked to help them win their cases, and we promise to work tirelessly for you, too.

What if my loved one died after an accident with a taxicab?

Our St. Paul, wrongful death lawyers, can represent your family after a fatal taxicab accident. We know this is a difficult time, but you can trust us to stand by your side and to seek the award you should have.

It can be lonely when you are trying to recover from injuries suffered in a St. Paul accident with a taxi. You need someone you can trust to stand with you and support you. The insurance company may promise to help you. However, you cannot trust a for-profit insurer to give you the settlement amount you truly deserve.

Our St. Paul taxi accident lawyers will always focus on your needs in the case. We don’t care what is suitable for the insurer; we only care about your well-being.

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When you are seeking representation after suffering injuries in an accident that was not your fault, you need St. Paul taxi accident lawyers you can trust. At Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, we do more than talk about how trustworthy we are – we work hard to earn your trust.

Call us today at 651-259-1113 for a free case review. You are under no obligation to hire us after this consultation. We will be honest with you about how we see your case going, and we will discuss whether we believe we can help you.

After arguing and battling with a stubborn insurance company, you should have someone who is on your side. We promise to treat you and your family with the respect you deserve.

Attorney Rachel Sperling Leonard

Attorney Rachel Sperling Leonard

A partner of Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, Ms. Sperling Leonard practices exclusively in personal injury and wrongful death claims. Specifically, she specializes in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, dog bites, dog attacks, slip and falls, trip and falls, sexual assaults/abuse and other assaults. Some representative cases of Ms. Sperling Leonard’s in the last few years include: a $1 million settlement for an individual injured in a car crash, a $750,000.00 for a man injured when he slipped and fell, a $455,000.00 settlement for an individual injured after falling, and multiple $250,000.00 settlements for individuals injured in motorcycle and auto accidents, among many others. She frequently turns insurance company denials into fair-value offers.
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