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After a car accident leaves you and your passengers with injuries, your first thought naturally is to make sure that everyone, including you, receives medical care. After your medical condition stabilizes, though, you may wonder exactly how the crash happened. Maybe the other driver seemed tired or drowsy, which you believe led to the crash. If this is the case, you have the right to seek financial damages for injuries that the other driver caused.

If so, our St. Paul fatigued driver accident attorneys are ready to stand by your side and defend your right to seek an award that truly reflects your injuries, pain, suffering, and financial losses. At Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, we know the challenges sometimes involved in proving that fatigued driving led to a crash. Without this proof showing that the other driver was at fault, it might be tough for you to win the award you should have. Trust that our team will do everything possible to give you the best chance of winning your case.

Why Our St. Paul Fatigued Driver Accident Lawyers Are the Best Choice to Help You

Don’t anticipate that you can hire just any legal representative to help with a case like this. Cases involving negligence in a motor vehicle injury accident require skills and experience in a few important areas, including:

  • Finding facts that prove the other driver was at fault
  • Proving that your injuries relate to the accident
  • Estimating what you are facing in the future health-wise if you cannot fully recover
  • Delivering the legal and emotional support you need during this difficult time
  • Estimating the amount you have in financial losses related to medical bills and lost wages
  • Determining what kind of pain and suffering settlement would be appropriate
  • Understanding whether a settlement offer from the insurer is one that reflects the level of your injuries.

Because the St. Paul car accident attorneys at Tyroler Leonard Injury Law have extensive experience representing victims, we know the best way to attack cases involving fatigued drivers.

How Our Fatigued Driver Accident Lawyers in St. Paul Can Help Withwith Your Case

Our St. Paul fatigued driver accident lawyers are well-versed in the steps required to help our clients move toward the outcome they want to see in the case. We have a strong track record of success over our decade-plus as a St. Paul personal injury law firm, including winning more than $50 million in total settlements for our clients.

Our St. Paul fatigued driver accident attorneys are extremely proud of our list of dozens of five-star reviews from past clients. We always are pleased to hear from past clients who appreciated the work we did for them, because it shows that our techniques and our approaches work. We battled tirelessly for our previous clients, and you can trust us to do the same for you. Our many years of collective experience show us the importance of hard work, and we never cut corners when representing you.

Attorney Isaac Tyroler

Through his experience, Attorney Isaac Tyroler knows that insurance companies rarely treat victims fairly. The insurer can increase its profit margins by limiting the amount that it pays to you in a settlement. Isaac Tyroler has developed a passion for helping people navigate the legal system in cases like this, guiding them through the process successfully.

He also spends time speaking at and chairing seminars regarding Minnesota’s personal injury system policies. He received a Super Lawyers Rising Star rating beginning in 2017 and a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Rating beginning in 2020, showing the respect he has from his peers.

Attorney Rachel Sperling Leonard

While working in insurance defense during her time in law school, Attorney Rachel Sperling Leonard gained valuable insights into how insurance companies operate in personal injury cases. She is able to use this experience to the benefit of our clients now. During negotiating sessions, insurance companies do not catch her off guard with the strategies they deploy, helping her give our clients the highest level of focused representation.

She speaks fluent Spanish and English, meaning other personal injury law firms often refer cases involving Spanish-speaking clients to her, showing how much her peers trust her skills. She received a Super Lawyers Rising Star rating beginning in 2021.

Why It’s Important for Our St. Paul Fatigued Driver Accident Attorneys to Prove the Other Driver Was Drowsy

When our St. Paul fatigued driver accident lawyers are trying to win an award for our clients, we must be able to show that the other driver caused the accident by behaving in a negligent manner. If it is not possible to prove fault on the part of the other driver, your chances of winning a settlement may disappear.

That’s why our fatigued driver accident lawyers in St. Paul put so much effort into determining the facts surrounding the accident. We dive into police reports and interview witnesses, determining whether the facts show that the other driver was too tired to operate the motor vehicle safely. Many things could cause a driver to be drowsy behind the wheel. When our team can show that any one of these things was present at the time of the crash, it shows possible negligence that can help us win the case.

  • Fatigued truck driver: Our St. Paul truck accident attorneys may try to show that a truck driver was violating rules and regulations by spending too much time behind the wheel, potentially leading to the accident.
  • Use of alcohol: If the other driver consumed some alcohol before climbing behind the wheel, this could cause the other driver to be drowsy and could show negligence in a crash, even if the driver was not impaired enough to be violating Minnesota’s DUI laws.
  • Sleepless driver: If the other driver admits to choosing to drive after having significant sleeping issues in the previous nights, that driver could fall asleep behind the wheel, causing the crash and showing negligence.
  • Driving after taking drugs: If a driver takes illegal drugs or prescription drugs before driving, some of these drugs may cause the driver to be too fatigued to drive, showing negligence.

FAQ: Common Questions Clients Ask Our St. Paul Fatigued Driver Accident Attorneys

Many times, clients who are coming to our fatigued driver accident lawyers in St. Paul are going through a personal injury case like this for the first time. This means they often have questions about how the process will work. We promise to take whatever time is necessary to answer our clients’ questions, ensuring that all of us are on the same page regarding the process we want to follow to seek your best possible settlement.

How long does it take to settle a fatigued driver injury accident case?

Cases can settle in a few months, a few years, or anything in between. The complexity of the facts surrounding the accident and the severity of your injuries play a role in the length of the case. Minnesota Statutes section 541.05 gives victims up to six years to file a personal injury lawsuit, but this deadline only involves notifying the defendant that you are protecting your right to seek damages. It doesn’t affect the amount of time it takes to reach a final settlement.

What does it cost to hire your St. Paul fatigued driver accident attorneys?

At Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, we know that you may be experiencing financial hardship after an injury accident in which you have major medical bills and are unable to work. We do not want to contribute to these hardships, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis. Our fee is a percentage of the final award amount in the case. You do not pay us anything upfront to hire us.

Can you guarantee that I will win my drowsy driver car accident injury case?

Guaranteeing any outcome in an injury accident case is unethical, so we will not do it. What we can guarantee is that we work as hard as we can for you. We also promise that if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing.

Although you have the right to try to represent yourself in a fatigued driver accident case, this can be extremely difficult. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to take advantage of victims who are unsure how these cases should work. Our drowsy driving injury accident attorneys in St. Paul can protect you from unfair treatment from insurers, while also seeking your best possible settlement amount.

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Our St. Paul fatigued driver accident attorneys are ready to begin working for you as soon as you choose to hire us. We know the importance of having strong representation on your side in a case like this, and we take our responsibility seriously when helping you seek the best possible outcome. We do not back down when the case becomes challenging. Instead, we redouble our efforts on your behalf.

For a free case review with the team at Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, call us today at 651-259-1113. You are under no obligation to hire us after this meeting.

Attorney Rachel Sperling Leonard

Attorney Rachel Sperling Leonard

A partner of Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, Ms. Sperling Leonard practices exclusively in personal injury and wrongful death claims. Specifically, she specializes in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, dog bites, dog attacks, slip and falls, trip and falls, sexual assaults/abuse and other assaults. Some representative cases of Ms. Sperling Leonard’s in the last few years include: a $1 million settlement for an individual injured in a car crash, a $750,000.00 for a man injured when he slipped and fell, a $455,000.00 settlement for an individual injured after falling, and multiple $250,000.00 settlements for individuals injured in motorcycle and auto accidents, among many others. She frequently turns insurance company denials into fair-value offers.
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