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No other type of injury is quite like a burn. Burns cause significant devastation to the body and wreak equal havoc on the mind. A Bloomington burn injury lawyer helps victims and their families by aggressively pursuing compensation that will bring a measure of relief during a difficult time.

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Injury victims choose Tyroler Leonard Injury Law to recover valuable funds from those who have caused them harm. Our team of burn injury lawyers in Bloomington relentlessly pursues any and all forms of compensation available to our clients, and we never settle for less than they deserve.

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If you have suffered burn injuries caused by someone else, you don’t have to take on the consequences alone. The Bloomington burn injury lawyers at Tyroler Leonard Injury Law can potentially help. You may be owed significant compensation that can make a big difference in your life.

Compensation for Burn Injuries

Justice for Your Losses

Every person and establishment in Minnesota has a duty toward the public to always act in a reasonably safe manner. What that means depends on the context of the incident that leads to a burn injury.

For example, a burn injury sustained in a traffic accident will involve scrutinizing the alleged at-fault driver’s actions for safety lapses. When a burn injury occurs while dining at a restaurant, the employees and restaurant will be under the microscope.

Other contexts in which burn injuries typically occur include:

  • At work
  • At someone’s residence
  • While using a dangerously defective product
  • At school
  • In a tanning bed
  • In lodging establishment
  • In apartment buildings.

Wherever the injury occurs, this question must be answered: “Did the action that caused the burn fall below accepted standards of care?” If so, damages are likely available.

Traffic Accident Burns

As mentioned, motorists must drive safely or face liability. Common lapses of safety, or negligence, include:

  • Operating a vehicle while distracted
  • Reckless driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Improper lane change
  • Failure to signal
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to stop
  • Failure to operate a safe motor vehicle.

Each of these lapses is capable of causing an accident that leads to serious burn injuries. Because they are negligent acts, the victim can seek compensation from the at-fault driver.

Apartment Fire

Take an apartment fire as an example. If fire investigators determine the resident to be the cause of the fire, the resident can be held liable. However, if the investigation shows improper electrical wiring to be the cause, the building owner, maintenance technician, or another party may be on the hook.

Dangerously Defective Product

Every day, people are exposed to the risk of a burn injury from the products they use in daily life. Many of these products contain some characteristic that makes them a burn hazard. Fortunately, product manufacturers take great care to release safe products to the public. Unfortunately, lapses occur.

Products that may lead to serious burn injuries include:

  • Laptops and tablets
  • Batteries
  • Scalding food or beverages
  • Space heaters
  • Electric blankets
  • E-cigarettes
  • Outdoor grills
  • Appliances
  • Autos and auto parts
  • Supposed flame-retardant material.

Product makers can be held strictly liable for dangerously defective products, which means your Bloomington burn injury lawyer is not required to prove that the product maker was negligent.

In addition to product makers, the following parties may also be held strictly liable for burn injuries caused by dangerously defective products:

  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Marketers
  • Renters
  • Designers.

Product makers may also be held liable for breach of warranty. Your Bloomington burn injury attorney may also make a case for negligence against one or more of the parties associated with a dangerously defective product.

Burn Injury at Work

Employees across many industries are constantly at risk of suffering burn injuries. Fortunately, safety measures keep the risk low. However, perfect safety records are historically impossible, and a sizable number of workers are burned every year.

Categories of workers who commonly suffer burn injuries include:

  • Restaurant workers
  • Construction workers
  • Electrical workers
  • Auto repair workers
  • Firefighters
  • Medical professionals and workers
  • Transportation workers
  • Manufacturing employees.

Liability in these contexts is often not an element of a worker’s claim. Workers’ comp benefits are paid out without regard to fault. However, the issue of fault does come into play when a third party, such as a property owner or a member of the general public, causes a worker’s burn injury.

Have you or a loved one suffered a burn injury? Tyroler Leonard Injury Law can potentially help you get life-changing compensation so you can rebuild your life. Call our office for a free consultation and a discussion of your options moving forward.


Damages for burn injuries can go a long way in relieving the suffering and financial stress victims commonly face. Bloomington burn injury victims are entitled to seek compensation for:

  • Money spent on medical treatment
  • Loss of wages or salary
  • Money spent on household services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Diminished quality of life.

Workers who suffer a burn injury, on the other hand, may seek only limited economic damages with a workers’ comp claim. These benefits include medical coverage and limited wage-replacement benefits.

Consequences of Burn Injuries

Although burn injuries can be mild, a large percentage of them are catastrophic and lead to months and years of painful recovery. Even mild burn injuries can create hellish conditions that negatively alter victims’ lives.

Depending on the source, there are up to six degrees of burns. The mildest, which is the 1st-degree burn, involves only the epidermis (top layer of skin) and produces redness, pain, and dryness. On the other end of the spectrum, 6th-degree burns burn all the way to and often through muscle and bone.

Sources of burns are numerous and include:

  • Fire
  • Hot surfaces
  • Extremely cold surfaces
  • Extremely cold liquids
  • Ice
  • Electricity
  • Friction
  • Chemicals
  • The sun.

Extremely hot or cold gasses or air can also cause serious burn injuries. Regardless of the source, if your injuries were caused by negligence, you are potentially entitled to significant damages.

Work and Life Consequences

Burn injuries often impact victims’ lives more than other types of injuries. The destructive nature of catastrophic burns makes it impossible for victims to work for long periods of time or for the rest of their lives. The destruction also leads to emotional trauma from both the injurious incident and the resulting scarring and disfigurement.

Because of these consequences, burn injury victims deserve maximum compensation to address their extensive losses. Sadly, insurance companies make it difficult for them to get the compensation they are owed. For this reason, Tyroler Leonard Injury Law fights vigorously to hold insurance companies accountable.

Tyroler Leonard Injury Law is meticulous in efforts to recover life-changing compensation for burn injury victims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common burn injury questions follow. Please read through the answers and call us to discuss burn injuries and compensation if you have more questions.

Do I need a Bloomington burn injury attorney to represent me?

You are strongly urged to meet with a Bloomington burn injury attorney if you have suffered a burn injury. Too much is at stake to not at least attend a free consultation. Without representation from a burn injury lawyer in Bloomington, you are likely to recover far less compensation than you need or deserve.

What exactly does a Bloomington burn injury attorney do?

A burn injury attorney in Bloomington focuses on recovering the maximum amount of compensation available to you for your losses. Accomplishing this requires them to:

  • Investigate every aspect of your accident and injury
  • Handle all documents for your case
  • Comply with all procedural and time requirements for injury claims
  • Hire experienced burn accident and injury experts.

We’ll also handle all communications with the insurance company and lawyers involved. At Tyroler Leonard Injury Law, our job is to look after your right to compensation while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Can I afford a Bloomington burn injury attorney?

Yes. A burn injury attorney in Bloomington receives their fee from the damages they recover. Payment is due at the end of the case and only if the Bloomington burn injury lawyer wins.

How long do I have to seek compensation for a burn injury in Minnesota?

If you have suffered a burn injury, you have six years to file a lawsuit before you lose your right to compensation. In Wisconsin, the time limit is three years.

If you have more questions, please call us any time. An experienced burn injury lawyer in Bloomington is ready to listen.

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Burn injuries can and typically do greatly impact an individual’s life and the lives of their loved ones. If you or someone you care about is facing the numerous losses associated with burn injuries, let our team help you get the relief you need.

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